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30 Cubic Yard

A 30-cubic-yard dumpster from Big Red Box Coastal is the perfect waste management solution for your next project. This large dumpster has plenty of space for roofing materials, flooring, furniture, landscaping elements, and whatever has been sitting in your garage and attic for far too long. A convenient load-in door on the side of our dumpster gives you a safe way to get exceptionally heavy and bulky items inside, rather than lifting them over the side of the dumpster.

Not sure where your dumpster should go during your home renovation or landscaping project? Just ask our expert agents, who are based right here in coastal South Carolina near Myrtle Beach. We’ll tell you what clearance your driver will need in order to safely drop your dumpster off in your driveway or on the street. We’ll also help you think through any permit issues and answer your questions about disposing of hazardous and other unusual waste materials.

Our local agents are here for you! Go with Big Red Box Coastal, a South Carolina rental service that guarantees dumpster delivery within 24 hours of your booking.

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Fast, Flexible Dumpster Rental
in Myrtle Beach, SC

One of the most important benefits that you get by renting your next dumpster through Big Red Box Coastal is flexibility. If the timing or other details of your project change along the way, it’s very difficult to adjust your dumpster rental terms when you’re working with a large national call center. With our office, dumpsters, and trucks all based here on the coast of South Carolina, we are able to offer you much more versatility and efficiency, from your first call or online booking request all the way through hauling your dumpster away at the end of the job.

With Big Red Box Coastal, you’ll also get the advantage of access to agents who know state regulations and other regional considerations. We’ll let you know what you can dispose of in our dumpsters, what carries an extra fee, and what needs to be recycled through a specific process.

We guarantee delivery of your dumpster within 24 hours of your booking, and often your dumpster arrives much sooner than that! Keep your dumpster rental process simple, flexible, and efficient in order to make this a very convenient and low-cost part of your next home improvement project.

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