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The Biggest Money Savers in Waste Management

If you’re launching an endeavor that involves the disposal of a significant quantity of waste materials, there is one consideration that is probably near the top of your list: saving money on waste management.

In this blogpost we’ll tell you about the biggest money savers in this area, and how dumpster rental in Charleston, SC can help you get your project completed as affordably as possible.

Retaining Flexibility

When your interest is saving money on waste management, your focus should be on flexibility. One of the facts that you quickly learn the first time you engage in a large-scale project such as a home remodel is that deadlines, costs, and parameters are doomed to change—often several times—throughout the project!

Unfortunately, many companies that provide dumpster rental near Charleston, SC require customers to stick to the terms of their original rental contract even if their needs change along the way.

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Paying for What You Don’t Need

This can mean that a homeowner ends up with a roll-off dumpster sitting in his driveway for several days while a delayed delivery of building materials holds up the project. Once the project finally moves ahead, that homeowner may find that he has to pay additional fees to keep the dumpster longer than the original contract stipulated in order to complete the job.

If that homeowner is able to easily change his dumpster delivery and pickup times, however, it becomes much easier for him to match them with the other, sometimes unpredictable, elements of his project and avoid paying extra fees.

Delivery Site Complications

Not every dumpster delivery is as simple as dropping the unit in a driveway and driving away. In a gated community, a truck often requires a commercial decal in order to get into the neighborhood. Other areas, such as the historic district of downtown Charleston, have rigid guidelines about construction/demolition activities, and it’s important that your driver knows and respects those guidelines.

If your driver isn’t aware of these requirements, he may be unable to deliver your dumpster on the first trip. As you can imagine, this also delays your project and creates a cascade of potential added costs. You could even face fines for violating neighborhood rules or failing to obtain a permit that you didn’t know you needed.

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Overhead Costs

A large, national dumpster rental company has an enormous set of overhead costs—costs that inevitably get passed on to the customer. Any time you can work with a smaller local company and obtain the same services, you can expect a smaller final invoice.

We don’t need to route your calls through multiple agents in multiple locations just to get a dumpster to you. Your phone call or online order is handled right here in the Lowcountry at our headquarters, and your dumpster is dispatched ASAP, guaranteed within 24 hours.

Local = Flexible

At Big Red Box Dumpster Rental, we address all of these issues in a way that saves huge amounts of money for our clients in the Charleston area, whether those clients are residential, commercial, or institutional.

In the area of flexibility, for instance, we guarantee delivery of a rental dumpster within 24 hours. This means that a customer can wait to place his or her order until he knows that everything else is in place to launch the project, rather than booking days or weeks in advance and then experiencing delays.

It’s also easy and affordable for our customers to extend their dumpster rental in Charleston, SC. We’re committed to working with our customers to meet their needs, rather than locking them into a contract and treating them as numbers on a page.

Local = Knowledgeable

The neighborhoods and other areas of the greater Charleston area are truly unique. It takes a local business owned and operated by Lowcountry locals to deliver and pick up dumpsters in those areas with maximum efficiency.

Our experienced agents also help our customers understand what permits, if any, they need for their dumpster rental before their driver arrives with their equipment. This knowledge of local regulations helps our customers avoid fines and “dry runs”—failed dumpster deliveries due to unsuitable drop-off areas.

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