Dumpster Rental

Rent Your Next Dumpster Like a Boss

You probably don’t have dumpster rental near the top of your list of priorities that keep you awake at night. In fact, that’s the way it should be—whether you’re launching a DIY project to renovate your bathroom or setting up for a demolition contracting job, waste disposal should be a minor component that you don’t need to spend too much time on. Unfortunately, many times it becomes a major component, as many small issues combine to waste time and money, bring the project to a standstill, and generally cause headaches for the person tasked with coordinating the dumpster rental for your Mount Pleasant or Charleston area project. Here’s a brief walkthrough of the dumpster rental process, along with some tips for you to make sure you do everything right and avoid those headaches!

Go Local

Getting a roll-off rental in Mount Pleasant is one task that is best handled locally. There are quite a few national companies that service areas all over the country, but that kind of large-scale operation doesn’t always result in the best service for any one customer. On the other hand, when your very first phone call is answered by someone at the company headquarters just a short drive from your location, you experience the kind of flexible, efficient, and responsive service that is only possible with a truly local provider.

Work with the local experts for your next dumpster rental:

Get Advice

When you talk to one of our agents on the phone to request a rental dumpster, they don’t expect you to know every last detail about your needs. You shouldn’t hesitate at all to ask us what size dumpster you might need based on the scope of your job and the types of materials that you need to dispose of. Our folks will provide you with all the answers you need, whether you’re wondering about hazardous material disposal rules, weight limits, or the best way to get rid of particularly large items.

Prep the Area

One of the most frustrating potential issues with renting a dumpster for a project, especially one in a residential neighborhood, is drop-off and pickup access. Just because your driveway is long enough and wide enough for a dumpster doesn’t automatically mean that a driver will be able to get it in place. Our drivers need space on the road in front of your driveway to back in, so any vehicles parked on the street should be moved before the scheduled drop-off time. Another factor is the presence of low-hanging tree limbs or power lines. Check for these hazards and ask our agents what else your driver will need from you in order to drop your dumpster off and then pick it up again safely.

Dumpster rental is an efficient process when you go local:

Think Long-Term

At Big Red Box Dumpster Rental, we don’t just do one-time dumpster rentals for individual projects. We also serve commercial customers all over the greater Charleston area with weekly, monthly, or other regularly scheduled pickups on an ongoing basis. When you need a dumpster rental partner that you can trust to be there on time, every time, go with us—your local provider that has both its trucks and its headquarters right here in the neighborhood. Our commercial customers love working with us long-term because they know that not only can they trust us to fulfill our periodic pickup obligations, but they can also come to us any time with change requests or new dumpster rental needs and get unbeatable friendly, fast, and affordable service.

Experience the Local Difference

In some industries, a big national company is able to offer the customer more value than a small local business. Dumpster rental, however, is not one of those industries! If your priorities are to get the right dumpster on site, on time, with minimal time spent on the phone with your provider getting all the details of your project worked out, you should give us a call today. We love working with our neighbors here in the Charleston, Mount Pleasant, and surrounding areas, and we hope you will be our next satisfied customer.

Find out how responsive dumpster rental can be: