Dumpster Rental FAQ

Dumpster Rental FAQ

Renting a dumpster isn’t something most of us do very often. Just as you think carefully when you are looking to rent a vehicle, a piece of machinery, or a vacation home, it’s worth taking some time to consider the reputation of the company you’re looking at, try to find the unit that best matches your specific needs, and make sure that you will have the support you want throughout your rental period. In an effort to make that process as streamlined as we can for you, we’ve listed some of the most common questions that we get from our customers. After learning our answers to these dumpster rental FAQs, we hope you’ll feel confident in choosing Big Red Box Dumpster Rental for your local Dumpster Rental needs in greater Charleston.

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Q: How much lead time do you need for a dumpster rental?

A: Our aim is to be able to deliver your dumpster delivery within 24 hours of your call. This allows our customers to minimize delay on their projects, knowing that they’ll have a dumpster on site by the next day. Honestly, however, because our yard and our headquarters are both here in the Charleston area, we are often able to deliver your dumpster much more quickly than that. Same-day delivery is sometimes possible, making Big Red Box Dumpster Rental your best choice when you need a waste disposal solution as soon as possible.

Q: What do I need to tell you when I call?

A: The primary information we need from you is the scope of your project and the type of materials you need to load your dumpster with. Once we know that you’re remodeling a bathroom, conducting major landscaping on your property, re-roofing your home, or launching a large-scale demolition project, we can recommend which of our two dumpster sizes is ideal for your rental.

Of course, we also need to ensure that when our driver arrives at your site with your rental dumpster, there is sufficient space for safe drop-off and pickup. Be sure that the drop-off zone and surrounding area are clear of vehicles, and identify any low-hanging tree limbs or power lines to avoid. The agent you speak with on the phone will help you work through any additional safety details related to your work site. We also need to know common things such as delivery address, placement instructions, and a contact for delivery.

Q: What can I throw away in your dumpsters?

A: Disposal fees vary depending on the types of materials you are disposing of. Construction debris can be taken to a Class II (C&D) landfill which generally has cheaper disposal fees. House hold trash such as food waste, or items that can rot, are required to go to a Class III (MSW) landfill where disposal rates are often higher.

However when disposing of items destined for a Class III landfill the simplest answer is to think of your rental dumpster as a larger version of your household waste disposal system, at least as it relates to hazardous/restricted items like batteries, chemicals, and highly flammable materials. One notable exception is tires—we can dispose of tires in our dumpsters, but be sure to note this need to our agents, as there is an additional tire disposal fee.

One highly valuable feature of our dumpsters is a walk-in door that allows for very large items to be moved directly inside, rather than thrown up and over the side. This makes it convenient to load furniture and extremely heavy items like large pieces of stone and cement without risking injury.

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Q: What if I need to change my rental details?

A: Versatility is perhaps the biggest benefit that you enjoy by working with a local company rather than a national chain. It’s easy for us to extend your rental period, adjust your pickup or drop-off time to accommodate your schedule, or switch to a different dumpster size. Instead of going through a national switchboard, lots of red tape, and added fees, all you need to do is call our office here in Charleston, let us know what you need to change, and let us do the rest as efficiently and affordably as possible.

Hopefully this quick Q&A with your dumpster rental company shows you the single most important fact that we try to convey to our customers: our locally owned, locally operated company is the best option for your dumpster rental needs. We save our customers money, we save them time, and we are there for them with superior customer support when they need a little extra help.

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